Tea gatherings with high quality Japanese tea

We work with Kettl tea who is located in both Fukuoka and New York City. They provide the highest grade Japanese teas you can find outside of Japan!

While many people nowadays have tasted Japanese teas like for example Matcha or Sencha it's still extremely difficult to find good quality teas outside of Japan. However the quality immensely influences the taste.

My previous work at Kettl tea New York has given me the opportunity to source some of the most delicious Japanese teas that I'm more than excited to share with you! So if you're interested in joining a tea gathering please let me know via instagram or email and I'll be happy to provide more info.

Japanese green tea is known for its savory taste (umami) but different kinds of Japanese teas have different taste notes.

Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan. When brewed correctly its taste is very fresh with a hint of sweetness and a body of savoriness, my personal favorite to start the day!

Matcha is a finely ground tea powder and the oldest form tea has been consumed in Japan. Pretty much all Matcha I found here is low quality and therefore misses the subtle sweet and fresh tastes or is even bitter which explains why its mostly served with milk and sugar. Souku Matcha from Kettl can be foamed without milk and sugar to a beautiful bright green foam with a fresh and velvety taste!

Houjicha is roasted green tea. In our case a medium roasted Sencha. It results in a perfect balance of both a sweet and roasty taste with fresh green notes. In combinations with it's delicious smell and a beautiful golden-brown cup color perfect for afternoon tea time! On top of that this high quality tea comes in handy teabags so no special tea ware required!