Handmade tea ware and ceramics with love for individuality and attention to detail!

Each Wooolken ceramics piece is handmade by me in the beautiful shared ceramics workshop Studio Pansa in Amsterdam.

All Wooolken pouring vessels, candle holders and planters are crafted with love for the individuality of the piece. Like us humans, all pieces have similarities and differences, but form a group nonetheless.

Lately I've been fascinated with carving techniques, including Kurinuki. Things like the contrast of different surface textures, colors and the way a piece feels in one's hand are very important to me. The unique character of each piece is not set and develops while I'm working on them. My favorite outcomes are the ones that seem ambiguous and evoke associations.

Some of my ceramics are available at the lovely Atelier Hop close to Vijzelgracht here in Amsterdam.